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Hi! I'm Reuven; I teach Python and data science to companies all around the world. (In the last six months, I've taught people in the US, Europe, Israel, India, and China.) And I attended PyCon in Cleveland and Euro Python in Basel. I have a free, weekly newsletter ("Better developers") about Python and related technologies, read by about 13k people every week. (More info is at http://lerner.co.il/newsletter .) I also offer a lot of online courses (http://store.lerner.co.il/), and blog frequently about Python stuff (http://lerner.co.il/blog). I used to write a monthly column for Linux Journal, until they sadly closed in August. I'm still a panelist on the "Freelancers Show" podcast, where we talk about what it's like to be a consultant. I've been using Python since about 1992, but it took a while for Python to become my main language. Until that happened, I did lots of stuff in Perl and Ruby. I'm delighted to see this site, and to participate in it!