1 point by micah.strube 7 months ago | discuss | on: Python 4 New Features Planned
Title should be SPECULATION about python 4 features (which may not even be python 4).
2 points by micah.strube 1 year, 4 months ago | discuss | on: Python Debugging With Pdb
I use pdb every day. It’s a way more powerful tool for debugging than print statements and logging. Interactive mode for pdb in python 3 is pretty great. It drops you into the full python REPL with access to the current environment at the point you set your pdb trace, or wherever you’ve stepped to in pdb. Way easier than continually adding more print statements and re-executing code til you finally find the key to your problem.
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Agreed, not much point in adding Python 2 support to anything that doesn’t already have it at this point.